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KENAN : Sometimes ft. Michael Cheung lyrics

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KENAN lyrics : "Sometimes ft. Michael Cheung"

Verse 1:
you miss your childhood sometimes? Yeah I do,
sonic on Genesis, playin it right through,

livin it upper echelon but sometimes life's a (*##$,
sometimes life is rich, sometimes I'd like to quit,
yeah, somewhat I feel like this is pain and gain,

pay to play, nine to fiving just to make the day,
and most times, I feel like hoes lie,
and others I wanna feel the real love, the first time,

my mind's, kinda racin, will I go on and make it?
settle down with a good girl, I've had it with the chasin,
but, sometimes I want a hoe,

and be a dick to all these girls, got em thinking "yeah he caught a cold",
sometimes, I can't take this %#@!, I gotta pause and refuel in my racing pit,
so take a step into my mind and $#&@in feel it,

my minds spinning, so I take my pen and pad on a field trip,

Verse 2:
sometimes I want it, sometimes I don't,

sometimes I'd kill for it, one sign I'd go,
sometimes, I'd wanna walk the hollywood boulevards,
steppin' on my stars, rap artist/movie star,

yeah, see it's a funny trip,
my mind's on the fence, from happy to sad, yeah it's comin quick,
uh, sometimes I'll rap a flow,

and be on cloud 9, a minute later I won't even laugh at jokes,
my life's whack-a-mole, get up, then back down,
no Sean Faris, no never, no I back down,

when sad, I cut the light, yeah I break switches,
with everybody, world off, and I blame (*##$es,
I pipe down but sometimes I know im too dope,

and sometimes, I'm lost and feel like Rosseau
even got a guilty pleasure, Taylor swift,
but used to think, not again, not that Taylor (*##$

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