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KENAN : Mind Your Manners (Remix) lyrics

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KENAN lyrics : "Mind Your Manners (Remix)"

Here I'm sittin writin rhymes like a (*##$,
put it all together, tryna make you bump the sound like a hit,
a (*##$ of life, reppin youth, man im down to just quit,

I'm like a manic I just hear a beat and bars god i twitch,
blissfully rich huh,
God I hate it when workin firmly ain't payin off,

tried to conform, love a school, but I aint play it Roth,
sorry mum I tried to love it for the greater cause,
I wanna see the world like angelina's lara croft,

I'm up in fumes, lost, man like cheech and chong,
that's right chiddy bang here know how to treat a song,
manners minded, panders right, so you tag a long,

n Emma Watson, you're hot, that's a fess to Ron,

Verse 2:
Been on the grind tonight,
trippin in the limelight chasin up the pot of gold,

I'll prolly never reach but I'll try to fight
And it's me, %#@! a kid you never heard of yet,
easin kids pain instead of have em poppin percocets,

all a sudden im a profile, low ride, been on that
I shifted and this is the $#&@in go time,
I gotta get it ain't no snappin back I fitted,

in the game, the cynics, I cut em down with the rhetoric,
nah this aint for the hell of it, I'm provin a point,
bout to map it all out and pin it right on your face,

so when you wake up and reflect yourself in the mirror,
Ill remind you of how far I got, and you still the same,
loosin the aim, Nah, I got 20/20 every sense,

all I wanna do is spread joy, and ever since,
I started rappin I have studied happy 101,
so shout to chiddy bang this has been a lot of fun,

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