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KEKE PALMER lyrics : "Stand Out"

When I see myself in the mirror.
Is this really me?
When I take off all of my make-up.

That's the person I should be.
See I know once they get to know me.
Then they'll see what I see.

I'll make 'em all believe the story.
And I don't know that I'm the lead.

On this day, I'll finally listen to what's been calling me.
All it takes is letting go of whatever people think of me.
This way I'll Stand Out and break away to be free.

Happiness is what I can't live without, it's time to Stand Out.
Oh oh oh, it's time to Stand Out.
It's time to Stand Out.

I'm a bird that's learning to fly now.
I'm getting better everyday.

And there's no taking the time out.
'Cause I've got too much to change.

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