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Keith Richards : Yap Yap lyrics

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Keith Richards lyrics : "Yap Yap"

Well I hear you talking and I see me walking
Let me make clear
I'm outta here, oh yah

You know it makes no sense to me
No way you gonna get no fence around me
Yap Yap

You known you talk too much, mmm yeh
Yap Yap you talk too much

Even in my sleep I hear you babe
But it makes me weep when I'm awake

When I hear the whispers, babe
The echoes coming round the bluff
I get all my secrets back

It's quite a shock
Mmm yeh, Yap Yap, you know you're talking too much
Mmm it's driving me, driving me

So what's the message
Why don't you talk to me

Yeh - it gets to me
Well I hear you talking
It makes no sense to me

Yap Yap you talk too much

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