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KEITH MURRAY : World Be Free lyrics

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KEITH MURRAY lyrics : "World Be Free"

[Announcer:] Can I have your attention please?
[Keith:] On my way to JFK

[Announcer:] Final boarding for flight 655 at Gate 14
[Keith:] I don't want of ya
I'm on my way to LaGaurdia

I'm on my way home or away, JFK [x2]

Hey yo, anywhere I go I definately reo for mine

Cause I'm constantly in a Def Squad state of mind
I went to New Orleans and kept it clean
Spitting, splitting rappers at they seams for the cream

By all means
Although I seen the green wasn't enough
I jumped in the Lexus, went to Texas, pulled a royal flush

Feelin like Tony Atlas, up in Dallas
Rhymacutin with them ^!$$%s who be shootin up in Houston
And do remember I get in ya in Virginia

Swept N.C. and S.C freeze the West Indies
Oh and I'm going back to Indiana and Alabama
Did the ink pad bounce through Atlanta

I be rapidly runnin through chocolate cities
Like Philly, D.C., Cincinnati, and M.D.
And Jersey, Lord have mercy

Can't nobody serve me cause my world be free


Goin around the world, goin around the world
All around the world, goin around the world
Goin around the world cause my world be free

Goin around the world [x3]

Cause my world be free

Then I was touching ground Uptown
As my rings gleamed in Queens
As I cooked it up in Brooklyn for all the friends

Kentucky was lucky I had to much Hennessey
When I was representing love love Tenessee
Kansas City, Missouri can speak upon the glory

St. Louis can even tell the story
Of how I dropp %#@! thick and cold like the snow in Chicago
A major up in Ohio, I was pack with cactus tactics

Up in Phoenix, Arizona set %#@! on fire in Oklahoma
^!$$%s had their ears pinned to the ground listening
When I was stomping through Detroit, Michigan

You hear me sounding crispy looking all scandalous
Swervin in the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles
Don't even ask the question did I visit Africa

%#@! I warmed it up in Alaska, smashed Nebraska


From interstate to tri-state to international
Mr. Keith Murray always keeps it classical

They had me up in England, mic stranglin
Jewels danglin while my single jingle jangling
Number one in my field, never defeated

Went to Sweden demonstrated malicious mic beatings
I was with my right hand man, Redman
When I did the Ichiban crane style in Japan

I transform like Dr. Bruce Banner
Stepped off the plane and blacked out up in Canada
I'm a million dollar man like Lee Majors

$#&@ed around and hit the jackpot up in Vegas
Yeah handin out vapors like bad news
Yo I be everywhere puttin down y'all

It's Def Squad y'all know my plans

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