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KEITH MURRAY : When I Rap lyrics

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KEITH MURRAY lyrics : "When I Rap"

[Verse 1]

When I rap competition perform disappearing acts

I jam suckers like smuckers
My squad is funky like a six pack of mother$#&@ers
With conversation my creations will collider nations into confrontation

Competition couldn't stand a chance
I'll wear you out like if I had one pair of pants
Murray emphasises cadarac poetry meaning you blind bats can't see me

Throughout my career I rip year to year sucessfully
Dragging debree in my vicinity
My symbol is the sickle like the Grim Reaper

My style is the greatest invention since the speaker
A pyschopath with a knife in my voice
The lyrical homocidal madman is top choice

The scene I scope it first because I'm homophobic
And then I rope-a-dope it
And dominate the sight of bloody red

Coming out my head leaving rappers brain dead
I come through like POW! and BAM!
Reppin' like the lyrical version of Shazaam (Damn!....)

When I rap

[Chorus x2]

[L.L. Cool J sample] Watch your mouth better yet hold your tongue
[DMX sample] Believe what I say!

[Keith Murray] When I rap

[Verse 2]

When I rap one hand can't clap
So lets squash the beef cook it and we all can get fat

Try to swallow a line and you'll find
I'm one hard act to follow rollow in my vibe
Swallow and your throat will explode

Sending you through schizophrenic episodes
My style is so well off on it's own
I leave it unattended and go see my dog about a bone

When I'm the microphone ( When I rap )
And biting ^!$$%s will leave it alone
I go together with the rythm like a sentence and some verbs

And herbs so check out every word
I kicked a verse for Father Time
He put the world on pause cause I $#&@ed his head up with a rhyme

Diamond studded rough and rugged $#&@ it
There's nothing left for you to do now but kick the bucket
Dummy who's ever flipping

It better be a round-off back hand-spring arabian summy
With more concentration then an acrobat
When I rap


[Verse 3]

When I kick the gift of gab and I'm grim and I'll be god damned

If any mortal or immortal man can withstand
And not slam my jams cause I take them on a trip
And flip the script with legit m [email protected]#*cripts

Fogging up the mic with real legit compounds
Mass mic Murray man flurries in the bound
Oh what the $#&@ you fall and can't get up when I erupt

So pass the buck cause you've been struck
With the will I learn will I burn
Off carbon dioxide cause I'm on the flip side

Word conducter emcee destructer
Millions be saying "That Murray's a mother$#&@er!"
I dip and dive punch you in your eye

In a battle if you try to lie in your rhymes when we socialize
I'm beating Mother Nature down to her knees
While making more papers than trees

You can't be serious that's impossible
I leave ^!$$%s laid up in the hospital
Bandaged from head to toe and hat

My %#@! is intact when I rap

[Chorus x4]

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