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KEITH MURRAY : Swagger Back lyrics

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KEITH MURRAY lyrics : "Swagger Back"

Gimme Gimme watch ya got
Full blast all night

Cause I got my swagger back, say what
I got my swager back, OK
You better get your swagger back

Come and get it good and plenty

We come to get every penny
Short and tall freak em all
Fatty patty skinny minny

Oky doky ^!$$%z envy
Cause they know they (*##$es feel me
Blacky whitey darky lighty

Put your lights out nighty nighty
I gotta open door kicking $$# policy
Y'all ^!$$%z really kill me silly

Put you out your misery
See listen me listen we
Pack that artillery

^!$$%z get out a line
Roast them rotisserie
So shoot fly don't bother me

Y'all (*##$ $$# ^!$$%z ain't %#@! to me
You crazy leave you swazy baby
Blast through your artery

All the ladies be like
(Damn Murray why you want it like that)
Cause trick I got my swagger back


I know you love it
So you peep it

How we freak it
So indecent how we stack dough
And keep it always buy it

Never lease it
Yo look at shorty looking decent
Take it beat it never eat it

Then tell that (*##$ (*##$ beat it
My team can't be defeated
With them things you will be greeted

Catch you coming out the precinct
Now ^!$$%z want to peace it
But too late I release it

in your face I decease it
Full of grace when I speak it
^!$$%z be like damn Murray

Why you want it like that
Cause black I got my swagger back



We give you something you can feel
Think I won't when I will
You ain't street you ain't real

You ain't Keith you ain't ill
Lick shots in your grill
$#&@ cops blood spill

I'm from the gutter in the vill
Make a ^!$$% lye still
In the pine box when I pop that blue steel

Fresh out of jail got a new deal
Few mill cheat lie rob still
Give you (*##$es all a thrill

I'm chilly chill for really real
Cop the illy on a hill
Fam a lam roll a Phil

Let's all get ill
Cause I got my swagger back


Throw your elbows back
Twist your waist round
Throw your knees up

Get your swagger back

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