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KEITH MURRAY : Some Shit lyrics

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KEITH MURRAY lyrics : "Some Shit"

(feat. Canibus, Deja Vu)

"Yo, this %#@! right here, is some %#@!, some serious %#@!"

Yo, the fact that I'm down wit Def Squad's hard to determine

Till you see me hoppin out the Coupe wit E Sermon
Or hoppin out the Keith Murray Suburban
Or hoppin out the Lex Land wit Redman, wildin and cursin

My thought process is mysterious like the Lochness
My furious mindset is complex
Killin %#@! like a carniverous millitant prehistoric monster

Comin to stomp all over you hip-hop conference
Landed in an Unidentified Flying Object
Turn you into an unidentified frying carcus

The smell of raw flesh make you nauseous
Acidest arsonist, burnin your bones to carbon and phosphorus
My metaphors sting like after haircuts when

The alcohol is applied to the raw skin
So whoever wanna battle get blasted
Get your teeth enamel shattered, %#@!ted on like Pampers

You had a bad (*##$, I left the back twist
I stuck my dick in everything from $$#hole to the nasal passage
Dug her out all day, then changed my sperm DNA

Now she got nobody to blame
I been spittin raw, what the $#&@ you think I'm livin for
Throw me in jail, I'll do a prison tour

For wannabe hard ^!$$%z, insecure ^!$$%z
Wit they heads to big for they neck to support ^!$$%z
Three in the Squad plus me equal four members

An extra addition for any special force mission
Man listen

[Erick Sermon]
Ain't these ^!$$%z on some %#@!
Keith Murray, Canibus ain't no stoppin it uhh

[Keith Murray]
Let me draw a brief description of what happened

I was rappin, ^!$$%z got the scrappin, guns got the clappin
Three-fifty-seven degrees I was separated
Have bullets deflected metal, bodies decapitated

GUSH!! a ^!$$% got struck as I look
I caught the next guy runnin by wit the metal hook (BOO-AHH!!)
Blew his back open, blood gushed on my face

A (*##$ fainted cuz she seen I enjoyed the taste
The case is that I split your melon
And feed it to the jigga-boos wit fried chicken wings

I'm wildin for Long Island, I turned and took Charles Ferguson
And open fire on any trains now
You may never know who's in your shadow

You punk $$# ^!$$%z just best stay shallow
And hollow, if you wanna live to see tomorrow
Cuz ain't no sun comin out tomorrow

Yo, I might do something y'all ^!$$%z might regret like
Blast you in your face and disregard your vest
I'm pissin and dissin off of recognition and ^!$$%z to listen

Just to let you [email protected]#( know how I'm livin
Cuz I Return like the Jedi, wit my dead eye
Leave ^!$$%z to die, peace to ^!$$%z up in Bed-Stuy

Oh-ah, this that type of %#@! that make them ^!$$%z wanna wet it
Word up, got me ready to set it

[Deja Vu]
Seems I steps wit aggression
To any (*##$ who think they nice in this profession

What? what you think your wrecking?
I break your stlye down to little fragments
The pain is permanent, so spare yourself the embarassment

Buck-fifty 'cross the face
Followed by knife wounds to the chest for you attempt to retaliate
I noticed all you (*##$es flows is based around clothes

But Deja Vu got something for you stankin hoes
Studio gangsta (*##$es I diminish ideas of bringin beef
Before the thought even finishes

I wanna see red, blood from a chicken head
'For I wild the !#@* OUT like the Grateful Dead HA
This wild style must run in my genes
Because my sister's in the county
And my brother just came home from Green

I strike like the black widow, through the underground radio
?Kitto? and still stack dirty ditto

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