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KEITH MURRAY : High As Hell lyrics

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KEITH MURRAY lyrics : "High As Hell"

Phase one

I grab the Henny and twist the top

Guzzle it that's when the reaction starts
I split the chalk with the dutch
Had the hash in the greenery, then the L get sparked

Keith Murray's never smokin on babith
^!$$%s give me dirt and I throw it in the garbage
Actual facts, writin exact, sacks of African Black

I smoke two back to back
I smoke so much I choke out fire alarms
With the towel under the door feel the effect of the bar

Put Visine in my eyes so no one can tell
Looked in the mirror, said to myself yo you high as hell
I inhale a gray smoke full of tram

Get 3-Dimensional visions like CD-ROM
Inahle it through your mouth, freeze like you froze
Then [blowing sound], blow it out yo nose

[CHORUS: Repeat lines 11-14 x2]

Me and the Funk Doctor Spot up top on the hop
Block two big jig hot shots coppin mots
Seasons slice precise, ice 'n' tights

Chickenheads that circle the block twice
If you chokin then pass cuz it's not a game
(*##$es hit my blunts and never feel the same

They start actin strange and kinda erotic
I try to tell her you aint nothin bout no chronic
Ahh drats I think I'll take a long walk

And light a fat one up for the sargeant general of New York
Who determine gettin lifted kill brain cells maybe
If it wasn't for weed, ^!$$%s would be goin crazy

So smell it from afar, comin from the bar
Or rushin out when I open up the car door
Whether home or party in a bag or a jar

Put that lah in the air and represent with a stand form


I'm not sayin I'ma a pothead, cuz I'm not
I'm just sayin that I smoke alot

Catch me in V.I.P. smokin with Dennis Scott
Or after the show in the parkin lot
I only buy weed from a selective few

Cuz ^!$$%s is wicked and they will get you
I ran outta blunts got some paper from your mother
She had extra weed so we rolled another

No doubt, I hear you out
Before I roll my L, I think the cancer part out
I'ma kite cuz I missed the buddah spot before the flight

And damn we gon be away for like 12 nights
So here I am in Amsterdam gettin high again
You know what, come to think of it, yo, I'd love a Heineken

Inhale it through your mouth, freeze like you froze
Then [blowing sound] blow it out yo nose


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