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KEITH MURRAY : Bom Bom Zee lyrics

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KEITH MURRAY lyrics : "Bom Bom Zee"

(feat. Hurricane Gee, Paul Hightower)

[Keith Murray]

Yo this is Keith Murray and Hurricane G with the bom bom zee
Trey deep takin to the streets
We straight ball hoggin, word up

^!$$%z know what time it is
Straight up
Straight mother$#&@in Def Squad, L.O.D.

We can stand in the water and can't get wet
Def Squad always got some fly %#@! on deck

[Paul Hightower] Gl-or-ia!!

[Hurricane G]
Hey fun-ny, what's up with that money grip, yeahhh
Get hip to my tune and yo watch me flip

the master, the ultimate funk, freak-er
I'm unique, I got soul out my sneak-er
A dope female, with the fat tail

I never liked college, so yo, $#&@ Yale!
If you don't know me by now I'm Puerto Rican
(When the track be creepin she be freakin when she speakin!)

The Bad Mamma Jama, still bust the grammar
$#&@ the bull%#@!, let's get legit
Yes me the Hurricane yo I pack skills

So I keep on steppin like I'm doin drills
Hut one, two, charge enlarge
God damn, so don't $#&@ around with the jam!

Sit back, relax, ^!$$%z and watch me kick it
Don't flex, in my pocketbook I pack a biscuit
I blow your $$# out (click click BOOYAKA)

How's that? Now peep the size of my gat
I'm gassed, so mother$#&@ers kiss my $$#
My whole $$#; my entire big fat ol' $$#!

[Keith Murray]
Keith Murray run this mother$#&@er! (Hell mother$#&@in yeah!)

Keith Murray run this mother$#&@er! (Hell mother$#&@in yeah!)

[Paul Hightower] Ke-ii-thhh!!!

[Keith Murray]
The mad matador metaphoric mergers like traffic [car tires squeal]

Not havin it, bashin your style I'm somethin drastic
Biblically, theoretically, practically speaklin who
wanna step in the helm of the realm of the Def Squad crew (Def Squad!!)

I shoot the gift like SWISH drinkin Olde English
^!$$% you wish you had the style, more distinguished than this
Pissed ain't the word so observe -- how I break

your flow down through science, and kick you to the curb
Firsthand dirt and jungle poetry
You see me, G, we or E and somethin out this anatomy

Found the words of mother$#&@in technology
(like that) and we out

[Paul Hightower]
It's the bom bom zee, ohhh yeah
With Keith Murray, and Hurricane G...

For y'all that don't know - ya betta ask somebody!

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