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KEITH MURRAY : Bad Day lyrics

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KEITH MURRAY lyrics : "Bad Day"

Yo %#@! is real dog, you know?
Stay out the web, cuz once you get caught up in the web
That's it, you know?

They get you they got you good
Yo do the knowledge, take notice, stay focused
%#@! is real, and it's real hard out there, for a black ^!$$%

[Verse 1]
Ayo the way they doin me I can't stand it

Branded as a social bandit, but I'm a man and I'ma handle it
I'm not the first and I won't be the last
Just look how they did Pac and Tyson in the past

Yo at times, sometimes, I feel like I'm cursed
Because my life done went from bad to worse
Through all the stressful moments and all of the worry

I'ma still remain the same Keith Murray
Because I know deep in my heart God is on my side
If I gotta do my time, then I'ma do my time

They label you wrong, when you try to do right
And then they wonder why a con is so uptight
I'm just livin proof, of when you livin the truth

I been goin through bad times, since I was a youth
Now look, they got me locked in jail
People wonderin will I prevail or fail

But only time will tell

My mind, just now and then

Lookin down the corridors and wonders what might have been
It was a bad day

[Verse 2]
Yo, I wouldn't even stand here and lie to you, yeah it's true
All the %#@! that you hear about I'm goin through

And we good people at heart Jesus knows that we try
So I wonder why we get a break no time
My little sister just died, and the judge let me fry

And now I gotta kiss my lil daughter goodbye
All the pressure, make me wanna grab the tech off the dresser
But understand that don't make you a man

So I address the, situation best way that I can
With a letter to the senator, from the lyrical political prisoner
That the system label a sinister

In jail while I confess my sins to the minister
It's enough to make a ^!$$% go A-Wall
But for now I leave it in the hands of the Lord

It's a real situation we all go through
You know, unfortunately, Today was a bad day

Word, recognize, I'm no different from you
You no different from me, you know
It was a bad day

[Verse 3]
No slack for the rapper, no rest for the worried

Now everybody in the world heard of Keith Murray
When the hype dies down and reality sets in
We all goin through the same thing for a friend

And it aint nothin good in the hood
Your own people will stab you in the back
Set you up and get you good

From the start, I came from the heart
Giuliani got the nerve to oppose the million youth march
They confiscated my passport, though I might of boated

I'm young black and dangerous that's why I got railroaded
And magazines, as if it's been misquoted, let it be noted
They can't break me to the streets I'm forever devoted

I'm tellin you man, this is life, you gotta live this life

Would you fall, would you make it, you never know
Today was a bad day
Livin proof of the truth, locked the $#&@ up, on some bull%#@!

You know, you livin, right or wrong
It was a bad day
But yo keep your %#@! tight, cuz when the get you they get you good

I had a bad day
Yeah, I understand you had a bad day

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