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I'm so over it with love,
Every guy just super sucks,
They just lie and take my stuff

But it doesn't matter.
Thought tonight would be mellow,
Just went out to see a show,

You walked in and now we're oh
But it doesn't matter.

You said to me,
Come let me see
The stars in your eyes,

It's all I wanna do!

I only wanna dance with you

Whatever I got to do
I want you to myself tonight, alright
I only wanna dance with you.

I'm not asking for a thing,
I'm not looking for a ring

I don't need to know your name
No, it doesn't matter.
I don't think you understand

I've been dancing with my hands
And I kinda need a man
No, it doesn't matter

I said to you
I'm about to

Blow your pretty mind

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