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KDREW : Bedroom lyrics

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KDREW lyrics : "Bedroom"

Breakfast in bed
Sex in bed
Girl I know you got plans today

But I wanna make you an offer
baby won't you stay
i don't wanna wait for you to get off of prior engagements

you gonna have me feigning girl and i ain't got the patience
how bout we make this day a holiday and
every time it come around we can celebrate it

baby girl if your boss trip on you don't even pay him
no attention cause if we have to we gonna pay him
I will show up to your job just to take you home

I'll meet you at your lunch break just to make you moan
the point is I don't want to spend this day alone
so baby girl just let me tell you


breakfast in bed then sex in bed and we can do it all day
it's like were living in the bedroom
baby girl if we gonna go we might as go all the way

cause ain't no limit in the bedroom
it's like were living in the bedroom
cause ain't no limit in the bedroom

my card ain't got no limit
ain't no limit in the bedroom

red bottles, red bones, I call it the red room
don't live in a white house, but I am on the presidential
in my residential park out front my Bentley continental

say baby how are you?
They call me Gucci Mane

So much I can buy fly you places crazy names
Bora Bora Dora the explorer we in Italy
Same place that I get all my cars my clothes and my jewelry

Same say I am full of %#@! baby say she full of me
Pulling they start pulling on my shirt they wanna sleep with me
Swag sick, sick as the flu they need to quarantine

Any club I goin baby smoke some dro with me


Now baby girl I ain't a rookie I am making the thank warmer
We can bake a cookie baby we can take your father

I can be your desert baby you can be my water
I am just giving you my disposition where we ought to be
If you roll with me guarantee I'll have you where you want to be

Anything you want it could be all on me
Just as long as I know your loving is all for me


Let me know what you wanna do

Baby we can go anywhere that you wanna do
We can take it slow speed it up if you wanna move
Ain't no limit in the bedroom

We can stand we can lay down
We can have fun cause the room is a playground
We can get it in till the end of the day now

Baby girl, what you're gonna say now

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