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KAYSIAN : Where'd you go lyrics

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KAYSIAN lyrics : "Where'd you go"

Writing this letter are you doing any better?,
i wished u stayed abit longer
cos when u were around i was stronger

in my room, writing my thoughts on the wall, starring at the ceiling
should i give u a call, mayb i can get some healing
but no, i have to let go, uve moved on so

its time to let out my last thoughts
forget about the fights that we fought
was it me or was it you

i really dont have a clue
but one thing i knew, was that i was true, boo
never really thought i would lose you

but the drugs and the alchohol was somthing i cant subdue
and im sorry if i ever broke ur heart
went out with the boys and left u in the dark

or when i told u i didnt give a $#&@
i cared every single step of the way long
and i alwais gave u a shoulder to lay on

but now all i can do is stay strong, oh
and ask.. whered you go?

..to the house that was you and me
living together happily and free
i really regret that my pride got in the way

mayb if i begged, my heart woulda stayed
remember the times that i made you smile
damn that look just drove me wild, girl

i wished we could sit down and chit chatter
tell you all my sorries, but why does that %#@! still matter
i gotta few questions too, like does he really love you

like i do?
does he wipe your tears when u cry?
and do u ever wonder why?

why did we have to become two
i was happy being apart of you
but i guess time is unpredictable

and im just waiting till im sick of you

kuv thoj txim ua kuv tsis yog

ib tus hluas nraug zoo rau koj
ev koj thiaj njai kuv mus
mus hlub lwb tus

tas sib, kuv sab nxog thaum muab kuv thiaj koj
koj nyob hau kuv su ntiag, ua kuv siab shoj
kuv tsis puab ua lis cas, uab rau kuv tsis muag ib txog pag

tas siv kuv thoj txig, kuv tsis hlub koj, lis koj lub siab sab
thee thee lob tseem hlub
ttwb tsis tau ntuxb

viv koj lub plu, zoo nkauj chaj, nxua yaj,
nyob hau kuv lub siab, koj puas tseem hlub kuv thiaj?

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