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KAYE WAHYUDEWI : My Last Goodbye lyrics

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KAYE WAHYUDEWI lyrics : "My Last Goodbye"

I'm done,
done with all the tears
it's streaming down my face

it keeps on falling down

all because of you

you're the reason why i'm here
i'm trying to make it clear
just trying to be sincere

and i mean it

(Pre - Chorus)

cause you,
your own game is lacking
the rules are terrifying

and now i just want to make you listen


I just wanna say goodbye
i really wanna say goodbye, goodbye
the time is running out

and i am out of time
i am done with this
cause boy you are so out of list

leaving you is a risk
a big risk and im taking it
i just wanna say goodbye, goodbye

i was an option
i was always a second guess

and i'm a back up plan
oh boy this song should end
and i mean it

(Pre - Chorus) (Chorus)

just laugh all you want
boy this is over

i'll whisper till you can't hear a sound
for god's sake i am done
i just wanna run

runaway and leave my life behind


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