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Katzenjammer : Wading In Deeper lyrics

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Katzenjammer lyrics : "Wading In Deeper"

The summer has ended quietly surrendered
Laying it's weapons on
The ground 'round her feet

The chimes they are calling,
The leaves they are falling
To cover this land with their innocent livesLalalala, wading in deeper

Lalalala, up to her knees

Two hands that are white,

Can't put up the fight
Bereft of all strength and
The flames in her eyes

The infant, the damage,
The plunder, the pillage
Her ruins of smoke, this river can't choke

Lalalala, wading in deeper
Lalalala, up to her waist

The fall is a'coming, closer each morning
It snarls at her heals and

Breathes down her neck
A raven is calling Promethean warning
The ties to her arms and

Her legs pull her down

Lalalala, wading in deeper

Lalalala, over her head

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