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Katzenjammer lyrics : "Play My Darling"

A messenger arrived through
A sunlit' open door
Passed the dangers of the world

To his troubled queen so bored
With a voice full of worry and
A frightened fighter's face

Another day's morning in life's busy race
He looked into her eyes before he spoke

Play my darling, play
Don't you put yourself on the throne no more
Play my darling, play

There's a world outside our broken borders
Play my darling, play
Don't you put your key in another door

Play my darling, play
With a world outside your broken borders
She's a lonely young girl

She's the sister of the moon
Her heart is like November
Though she wants it to be June

Larger than life she's standing there so tall
There's a note with her name and
It's hanging on the wall

Her eyes they opened wide when she read

(Play my darling, play)

She's stuck there on her
Island so marooned

The limelights got
Her blinded and harpooned

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