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Katzenjammer lyrics : "Mother Superior"

In the clockwork, in the clockwork,
Time is never at ease
A frantic sensation is hammering

Nails in your spine
Multiple fractions and
Muscle contractions will tear

Your mind into shreds, cutting your threads
Do you regret you were born?Take my hands into yours,
Dance my senses away

Take my hands into yours,
Before mother superior's home

Monsieur, monsieur you look like
The saint in my dreams
Igniting the flame and carving

My name next to yours
This urban decline is
Leaving it's sign round my neck

Pulling the noose, tells me I'll lose
There's nothing to save

I'm sober, I'm sober, but I wish I was not
A gentle diversion or
A touch of divine I could use

The curtains are closed,
But I still feel exposed to the world
Wishing away somewhere astray

Are you still listening?

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