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KATE RUSBY : Cowsong lyrics

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KATE RUSBY lyrics : "Cowsong"

There was a farm on yonder hill, up where the wind it blows-o
There lived a mother and her son and their bonnie old brown cow-o.

This cow was a bonnie cow but they needed money most-o
So she said, "Please take the cow, to market you must go-o."

So he's walked along the way, he's walked but half the day-o
And there he's spied a fair young maid, she says, "where are you bound-o?"

I'll take this cow along the way Then I will, sell her On market day.
"You see this bonnie cow of mine? I'm taking her to market-o

Then I'll return to my mother dear with money in my hand-o."
So she's took this young man's arm, she says, "You handsome sir-o,

Come sit you down in the soft green grass, come rest awhile with me-o.
" She's kissed him long, she's kissed him strong, a fair game she did play-o,

And after playing not so hard, this young man he gave way-o.
I'll take this cow along the way Then I will, sell her On market day.

When this young man he awoke both girl and cow were gone-o
Gone also were the shoes he wore and the trousers he had on-o.

Come all you young men near and far, never heed a maiden's calling,
Never trust a girl with your mother's cow, never let your trousers go
Falling downIn the green grass,

falling down In the green grass

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