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Kate Miller-Heidke : Little Adam lyrics

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Kate Miller-Heidke lyrics : "Little Adam"

Adam, Adam
Where you been hiding?
Adam, Adam

It's time we had a talk
What's going on in the room downstairs?
What you been playing with down there?

Adam, Adam
Things are getting strange

Adam, Adam
Who you been following?
Adam, Adam

Am I getting through?
Don't you think you've reached the point of having enough?
Your very own mother starts coughing you up

Adam, Adam
I thought you were smart

What you're looking for is right before your eyes
But you're too caught up to notice all of the signs

Hello, hello, are you listening?
Hello, hello, are you there?
You've tuned the voices out but now the symptoms are everywhere

You are, you are, you are part of this
I know you think you're much more

You better think again
Because you're one defenceless animal

Adam, Adam
I think you got a fever
Adam, Adam

You're making no sense
All the pictures in the magazines have gone to your head
You're chasing paper dolls to catch your tail instead

Adam, Adam
Are you ready to run?

What you started with to save yourself some time
Has got out of hand and made you out of your mind

Run away, run away
Run away, run away
Little Adam

One by one by one

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