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Kate Miller-Heidke : Don't Let Go lyrics

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Kate Miller-Heidke lyrics : "Don't Let Go"

First of all I apologise for this long period of silence.
Being busy is no excuse to pull away and lose touch with my friends.
Last time we met on the net,

Maybe you didn't like those things that I said
But the day I sent you that sad mail, not one, not two but 3 couples of friends just split up

Please don't start your reply with 'sorry I was busy too',
It's the busyness that brings us to our knees
Who invented all these things we have to do?

Cause if I don't have you babe?
What I'm trying to say is don't let go.

And as for me, the snow's returned
The cat is scratching at cotton buds on his fur
Mum never calls. Laura's going to Spain.

The ethics teacher killed herself last Saturday

Please don't start your reply with 'sorry I was busy too'

I know you're busy we are all busy
We've got such important things to do

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