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KATE DIAZ : What Gets Me lyrics

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KATE DIAZ lyrics : "What Gets Me"

Verse 1:
You said I caught your eye.
I put my fears aside.

I followed your advice.
You had me on your side.
What gets me....is:

Promises you don't keep and words you don't mean.

Is it a chore for you to keep your word?
I need to get more wise, I keep being surprised by
Your promises that end up empty,

And that's what, that's what gets me.

Verse 2:

I failed to see red flags,
When you'd say "Be right back."
I should have known and left.

Oh what? Did you forget?
What gets me... is:

I've waited on the edge,
For you or a message.
But you never did reply,

You never did come by.
What gets me... is:



It's nothing to you,
But it's everything to me.
They say you're only as good as your word.

When you don't come through,
That really hurts.
Now I've finally learned.


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