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KATCHAFIRE lyrics : "Human Bonding"

Human bonding, relations
Is he ever gonna get her to be wanting to trade Free kisses and
if it feels only better

Then a munting, gyrating and if she's a go
getterSinging oh yeah
Gonna catch you right on there babyGet yourself a fishing line,

some baits and hooks
Lots of hooks, hooks, cause you wanna get many girls
Then you put you're friendly on and play the looks

Play the looks, looks what you got on your hooks, hooksSays
touch or lookWhen you think of all those times you paid to look
Paid to look, look and watch your wallet get emptier

Now you invest all your dime in baits and hooks
Read the looks, looksWhat you got in your hooks, hooks say touch
or lookCall you hear me calling

Telepathing good vibes to youThem all are saying wanna be in the
phone with you
If you let me, then I'll make youWine and dine

I'll even pull your chair back, make you feel fine
I put you back in your sack girl, if you let me
Then I'll make you

I'll even pay your cab fare home

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