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KATASTROPHIC : Full Of Rage lyrics

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KATASTROPHIC lyrics : "Full Of Rage"

(Chorus x2)
I'm full of rage
I feel enraged like I'm trapped in a cage

Angry as I write the word on this page
Nothing can stop my rage
Not even love

I'm living in Hell, there's no Heaven above
I'm full of rage, rage, rage

(Verse 1)
At this moment I'm angry, I'm sick of this %#@!
This mother$#&@er is smart, he is using his wit

I'm gritting my teeth when I hear the lyrics he spits
Admitting the hate in me in infinite
When I'm rapping on stage, you called me horrendous

Pull out my 12-gauge and yell "I will end this"
I shoot again and again, it's time to bring the pain
Don't try to run 'cause this fun is just insane

I don't take %#@! from no-one, you get it?
I'll beat you you're bad, so sad and pathetic
You're sitting at the beach, sipping your lemonade

You're afraid when I throw my grenade, I'm a renegade
Man you should of stayed inside, too late to hide
I should be paid for this raid, it's a homicide

(Verse 2)
It don't matter if you're naughty or nice

Sooner or later you will pay a price
You're gonna suffer, maybe once, maybe twice
After you're hurt I will give you advice

Like what to say and what not to say
Say the wrong things and you'll definitely pay
Any way, I'm a crazy dog that is stray

So pissed, this what I have to say

(Chorus x2)

(Verse 3)
I will $#&@ you up

That's just your bad luck
I will shoot you dead
Bullets in the chest or head

Bulletproof vest is red
From blood, remember what I said
I'm ill, like a sick metaphor

Bullets, ricochet of the $#&@ing door
Do you want some more
I'll pimp slap a $#&@ing [email protected]^%

I'll beat you with a cane
Hatred is flowing through my veins
Your blood will pour like rain

I'm so insane
Seeking revenge for my pain
It hurts again

(Chorus x2)

I'm full of rage
You can't tell me what to do

I'm full of rage
You don't know what I've been through
I'm full of rage

I'm sick of your bull%#@! every day
I'm full of rage
$#&@ you, this is what I have to say

(Verse 4)
I'm still full of rage

I get colder as I get older in age
I need paracetamol
My head hurts, I'll get into a brawl

Ya'll that's how I roll
This song is almost over but that's not all
You don't like it when I'm angry, I'll try not to suck

I'm getting green bulk, turning into The Incredible Hulk
Man all these people running when I'm coming when I'm gunning them down
You didn't hear it?
Well this is the sound
I'm breaking out of this cage

I'm full of rage, rage, rage

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