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Karmin : I Told You So lyrics

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Karmin lyrics : "I Told You So"

Is it time, green light
Egotistic, battle pride
I was right, you was wrong

Called you out, finished strong
Whiskey sorrow, lemonade, fences at my barricade.

I had heart, you had space
I can see the color in your face
As it fades.

That`s what it is
Ain`t no widow
Prince on the edge, but soft in the middle

I`ve got a lot, you`ve got a little
I`m gonna play drums
While you play the fiddle.

Play real slow,
Lean on the bow
Everybody`s sad when they miss the free-frow

Bass to control
I`m on the rule
Roll all alone

In my new song.


I told you so
Don`t wanna brag
But you already know

x 2
You already know
I told you x 2

I, I told you,
I told you so.

Fell so good
Doesn`t it?
Winning while they

Flop it in.
I was right
You was wrong

Tick it in...right
Than a hip-hop song
Was it so hard to believe?

I can make it be in me
Try too much
Who`s out, my gosh

You sow

People say a lot of things

That could be real smart
Look at the way I ...real tall
I don`t really care,

I`m already there
Half tined up, till my eyes,
I swear.

I`m on the top,
You`re on the flop.
Wanna go along?

I`m never gonna stop.
Dash to control
I`m on the rule

Right all on alone
On my new song.


Look at me now
15 rounds
Bottle on my hand

...little on the ground
Next when you wanna talk crash
On my bite dash...

You`ve ask for it
Shouting the glass out

No how, mine while
I smile
Then I go
Upside down.

What do you think about kid
I don`t really care
Nobody listens to a fool
go be a...

...talk to your limits.

I`m on the rule
Right all on alone

On my new song.

x 2

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