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KARL WOLF : Face Behind The Face lyrics

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KARL WOLF lyrics : "Face Behind The Face"

Writing hits is something I've earned
some think highly of me
It's just my turn

Don't get it twisted kid
I'm not in it for the money
Or something for the honeys

I got a need to freak you out
Peeps at the show what I'm about

I spit hooks
Since the day you flippin' books
And now I have a deal

'Cuz i created a look


My albums' droppin' now
This one's for all the cats to doubt
Just watch the wolf take over much

And yes ladies you can touch
It's like a dream come true to me
Yeah I'm a new face on T.V

But been in this game behind the scenes
I'm coming out for the whole world to see

The Wolf's on prowl
He's driving up in your town

He's making that front-page news
He's the face behind the face

He was on the low
Producin' hits for those
But now I'm makin' front-page news

I'm the face behind the face

Solitude is something I've found

Gives me insight to the world that surrounds
Phone keeps ringgin'
Door keeps buzzin'

My speaks on full blast
I'm trying to make a living
Neighbors don't even try to tell me to put it low

'Cause you know damn right I never stopped your party played by
Trust me I feel it

It's right on my ceiling
And you know, you can never stop my flow



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