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Karina Pasian : IT'S WHATEVER lyrics

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Karina Pasian lyrics : "IT'S WHATEVER"

i wish acted basketball shorts and on my shows
just wanna be comfortable
wish that i could .. times

wish that i could wear the same shirt all the time
it's like they do in the cartoons
'cause i can never make up my mind

anyway oh oh
i wish my suitcase..with packet cellphone to ..
and i wish everybody in the world ..cards

i wish i could dive right in .. a full of ...
cause sometimes life get way too hard

la la la la la la, i don't really care
la la la la la it's whatever yeah

la la la al la la la, i don't really care
la la la la la this is forever yeah

i wish my school had a .. in every class
i don't wanna get out of bay
and i wish i had every .. one

i wish i could blow up my head like a .. fantastic boy
yeah so i can slap .. everyone yeah
i wish, i wish, i wish

i could be detected by in the end
'cause i am sick and tired of the same routine
and i wish our .. about ..every day

so all the bullies in the word wouldn't be so mean

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