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Karina Pasian : Gonna Be My First Love lyrics

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Karina Pasian lyrics : "Gonna Be My First Love"

[1st Verse]
They say the greatest love stories always start like this
I can't believe that I'm living this

Cuz' I remember
That day in September
When you moved a block down

Sometimes I wonder how different we will be
When we're much older

You and me
I think this could be the greatest memory I know
Thats why I'm saying no

They try to tell me I'm way to young

Saying that they'll be more to come
But I dont really care about that [I dont care no]
Cuz' they'll never be my first love

I know it sound crazy
But im telling you right noe
I see how its going down

You're shaping up to be
I know you're gonna be
You're gonna be my first love [ooohh]

[2nd Verse]
Let me take a minute to explain

Gotta make this clear
Dont know the future but I know what I feel
When it comes time for me to tell my daughter

I'm gonna talk about you baby

They say these feelings are only for adults

They'll try to pass it off as puppy love
But how old is old enough
For me to know how I feel

And I think this is real
So im singing no




ooohhh woahhh woaahhh
ooohhh woah
I'm telling you I see it

You gotta believe it[you're gonna be my first love]
ooohhh ooohhh

yeah ooohhh
You're shaping up to be
Boy I know you're gonna be

Your gonna be my first love
Thats why Im singing no


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