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KANYE WEST lyrics : "Silver Surfer Intermission"

[Max B:]
Yeezy, Yeezy, what's good?
It's your boy Max B, what's going on?

Just checking in on you
Appreciate the love and support
The wave is here

You a wavey dude anyway, so you already know
Ain't no problem, man, the game...
You already know how this game thing goes

Do your wave ^!$$%
You got the official wave man
Just, just doing you...

Doing you, doing your wave
And keep it loopy, I know you're going to keep it loopy man
Shoutout, just shout you out

Hollering at you man, it's all love
I appreciate the... the energy
And we here, hit the town, we do something big

We gonna make a big tsunami up in the joint
You already know what it is, ahh

[French Montana:]
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer in the flesh

[Max B:]
Silver surfer in the flesh

Max B shoutout to Yeezy
What's good, I see you
It's love, appreciate it

It's honor, appreciate it
Ugh, wavey, baby, yeah

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