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Kanye West And Jay-Z : z - who gon stop me lyrics

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Kanye West And Jay-Z lyrics : "z - who gon stop me"

I can't stop, This is something like the holocaust millions of our people lost 5 hands to the ones we lost, til' i die ima $#&@in' ball now who gon' stop me, who gon' stop me huh? , who gon' stop me, who gon' stop me huh?

Black cards, black cars, back on black, black brauds whole lotta money in the black bag black strap you know whats that forrr who gon' stop me huh? who gon' stop me huh? yeah. who gon' stop me? no brakes on these state farm so many watches i need eight arms one neck for eight charms who gon' stop me huh?

: ^!$$%s talkin' that (*##$ may, icks nay off my dicks nay, thats pig latin itch bay who gon' stop me huh?last night went so well got kicked up at the hotel gotta little freaky marv. and albert but yes til co sail you just a common tater if you get me paper everybody i know from the hood got a common hater in some relations you jus spose' to say none hershey $#&@ed a girl man well thats cool i $#&@ed the waitress her easy was way....

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