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Kanye West And Jay-Z : WHOLE LIFETIME lyrics

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Kanye West And Jay-Z lyrics : "WHOLE LIFETIME"


now i been hustlin my whole life tryna git dis money up and i think i finally got it rite,and i been bout a year wit dis 1 girl that claim she gotta work 2morrow but 2nites tha nite,so pourin up a glass of dat good stuff a couple more shots and i'll B doin fine

Verse1:spit it 2 u say little west or little beast and make tha middle west blow like tha middle east PEACE couldnt afford tha S class so i had 2 cop tha baby mama benz G well put 50 i git this on tha 1st date but dat 50 will break tha bank back when my ATM waz crazy slim had a girl nicknamed"Sprewell" cause when i tried 2 stop she still made me spin back when 80's waz in my dog krazy kin had 80 of em itz time 2 hit tha dance floor git crazy again and git dat cash money like baby and slim pull up in sumthin tinted so tinted she squinet she said"dis car real old" i told her it waz ?vinnet? i need 2 hit tha health club and git a girl datz into tha fitness tryna git into tha buisness imma make her my apprentice make her open wide like she made me her dentist let me git inside

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