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Kanye West And Jay-Z : Anthem lyrics

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Kanye West And Jay-Z lyrics : "Anthem"

Glad you've made it this far
OK, Yeah
Aiming for the stars

Shooting like Galager
Aiming for the stars
Shooting like Galager

Aiming for the stars
Shooting like Galager
Who's the next?

You don't wanna battle him
[email protected]^%s wanna beat me
(*##$es wanna date me

Haters don't like me
My mother thinks I'm crazy
Pops was a sucker

Son of a (*##$
Literally but menthally
Trying to get a grip

Cure for my?..place for me to slumbler
Living with a chik
Not good for a brother

Specifically when you're not ready to settle down
Especially when you got hoes around town
Not the ones that you go home to

Your's' boring
The problems may prolong dude
Don't worry

This streets I'm sorry I apologize
I've got to put even though I will qualify
I've got the exercise work it down

Some day you got to give
What's the deal?

Let me know something
Match me on the sat
Let's blow something

Richest like the vaccine
Running to the money

Get caffeine
Up all night
I need a jump start , batteries

Also thrive
I turn your block into a sad scene
Jumping with no trambuline

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