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KANO : This Is My Life lyrics

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KANO lyrics : "This Is My Life"

[Bridge: Kano]
There's a thin line between love and hate
There's a thin line between real and fake

There's a thin line between everything
That's why more times I don't say anything

[Verse 1: Kano]
But I'm fed up of shows, fed up of stress
Fed up of promos, fed up of press

I need to find some inspiration before I'm fed up of this
Fed up of the business
Fed up of all the opinions

I'm just trying to make my music
There just trying to make millions
Cause I'm K-A-N-O now

Product to be sold out
A marketing plan that I can't slow down
And look how bait my face is

So I can't roll now
There's a few places I can't go now
But I love the music, love the studio

Love the vibe, love the beats
But that's enough for me
The hypes too much for me

And yeh I'd love to be
The greatest MC that ever fell in
Love with bars and $#&@ed the beat

You can't $#&@ with me
I'm ahead of the rest
I speak from the heart

And push out my chest
I stand for something
And you won't stand your ground for nothing

I'm real
And let me tell you exactly how I feel
It's more than a product

It's life
A product of my environment

[Hook x2]
This is my life
This is my love

This is my voice
And the place were I'm from
This is me

My heart on my sleeve
Ain't nobody else but me


[Verse 2: Kano]

But check it
I flow deep, don't speak, I let the music
It's real talk

I let the fans no what the truth is
More times I love my job
Some other times I think it's bull%#@!

Cause the politics and the promises
I just dismiss myself from it
But I can rhyme when I feel like

And tall when wanno
Some artist can't even write the songs that they want to
But I'm gifted an talented and far from a pop pac

And far from the industries standard
That's standard
True no fake-up, shoot no make-up

Writemy own bars, so if I flop, it's on me
I'd $#&@ the city, cause I got the key to the street
That's why I represent every day of the week

3-65 24-7
The pen is on me, I don't need any more weapons
And I love creating so much that I even forget

That I'm fed up of shows, fed up of stress
Fed up of pro-mos, fed up of press
I think I found my inspiration

I can't be fed up of this
Cause I don't think the nation gives a $#&@ if I'm selling this %#@!
I'd do it for nephew, I'd do it for me
I d do it for my whole fam, cause they'd do it for me
I'd do it for the whole fans, I'd do it for the whole click

No matter how big
I still hold it down
I still float about
I still crawl around %#@!
So no matter how rich I get

I'll still be a product of my environment

[Hook x2]

[Bridge x2]

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