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KANO lyrics : "Ghetto Kid"

Im a ghetto kid
So why the ghetto %#@!?
I dunno what happend its just what the ghetto did

I wear my trousers low
Almost near my knees
And every where you go you almost always get this beef

Cuz im a ghetto kid
So i love ghetto chicks

And if we get together we could have a ghetto kid
I'll let these people know
Don't $#&@ with me

I've got my knife and i could get a 9 milli

Im a ghetto kid

I said im just a ghetto kid

Im a ghetto kid

East london were the metal is
Where big shotters lick out white mountains like everest
Most dont know were heaven is

Forgive me im rollin with deamon, im devilish
You all know that i never miss
Im a beat specialist

And !@$@s know im blowin up shows like a terrorist
And if they dont know then tell 'em this
K to the izo N O

And $#&@ing just remember this

I rip it for the ghetto kids

Some !@$@s don't even know were the ghetto is
Please !@$@ find me a glass, no
See me in C town and roll with the V6 east six east town

Its me man, im just me im a gan
Ive been writin since P99
My hearts in the prison

I master the rhythem like heartless ambition

Im a ghetto kid

I do ghetto %#@!

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