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KANO : 9 To 5 lyrics

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KANO lyrics : "9 To 5"

All I know is a 9 to 5 aint cutting it
man I work hard do u really think its luck init
they say its not what ya know but who ya know?

shut up, its how hard ya work and how good u flow!
im ripe, im ready im good to go
im focused I neva been so serious

the hood think im signed in like im swear he is
but im still in the grime
writin ;ines, all day every night

writin rhymes, so serious
im never satisfied, until im satisfied
its never ending, I jus wanna stand out

I don't want 2 blend in
no pretendin
see I'll never have a calms day rest

my albums in store next to Kanye Wests
see I was supposed to be a footballer
but they kept pickin the other kid who was a foot taller

I got lazy and less enthusiastic
I stopped trainin and turning up 2 matches
started sub as the managers tactics

but when I did play I used to score hat-tricks
then I gave up
now im in the music biz

and I wont ever let my laziness ruin this
theirs just no point
im on point

im the henry on the mic, im so on point


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