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KANO : 2 Left: Topic Of Discussion lyrics

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KANO lyrics : "2 Left: Topic Of Discussion"

i need to get some sleep
i can't get no sleep.....

I know ladies love cool J but ladies love Ka-no
i'm drivin them crazy they callin me Cee Lo
you be my beyonce, got a big ego

Kiss kiss, snap snap everywhere we go
who is he,
who is he

who is he e e e
Fresh and so clean you can call me Andre
don't pay me 3000 just so they could one day

rendezvous with me ???
friends think there losin me
to the party and the boozin me

party and they all hit zeus with me
but i'm the one thats in danger
so dont doubt me, you don't know me

the O, N, E and only
but i'll fade to black coz the games phony
when they owe me

they say i owe them
you'll never see a bad guy like this again

I'll be the topic of discussion in these [email protected][email protected] house
you can hate on me i'll play the villain now

they say kane where been, i say i been about
a million miles from here thats where i been at
i been searchin for my soul for a minute now

who am i, %#@! im still try to figure out
i lost five friends in five years since i been out
two left and there aint nobody ? around

man $#&@ the games i aint playin it
dreams don't wanna wait for it

my zone yeaaa i stay in it
tryin run away from it
its only coz the shoe fits

only coz i layed my hat
i'm here in the physical the spiritual aint comin back
hopes gone missin, whip that on a poster

couple am closer but me am like a loner
a persona-onglata who am a supposed to
be if you don't love me then leave me alone

(chorus- i'll be the topic.....)

i need to get some sleep
i can't get no sleep
i need to get some sleep

i can't get no sleep

i never make it worse

i only want to make it better
but everything i hear it hurt
and eventually things got messed up

but you changed, so did i
through the same for a while
and now i...

i can't get no sleep......

(chorus - i'll be the topic)

i can't no sleep

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