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As our feelings swing in this cold room,
my sharply gouging spearhead becomes soaked
In the brief moment when we flare up like fireworks,

we scorch each other, and then lick each other's burns,

I thought thing were fine the way they were
In a night when I had started running away,
the rain rang on the window loudly,

as I was being tormented by regrets

Something like "I want you to have eyes only for me,"

there's no possible way for me to just say it out loud
At the conclusion of this twisted love,
what can you see?

As darkness deepens, my desire becomes unleashed
I want you to answer me right here right now

(Which do you love more?)
Someone else's shadow is disappearing and reappearing,
so bury my body in your chest, as if you are frightened

(A feeling that will never reach...)

The truth you've always wanted to find out,
(The one that I truly love is...)
is my newest love relationship

(That love was play after all...)
Emitting dry and dull sounds,
the cogwheels are turning

I keep on having faith in you,
but now I need to wind up my unrequited pain

We were supposed to love and bond with each other,
but it was all a deception after all

A sudden phone ring brought up an entangled friendship
Patching one lie with another, you kept on smiling
As I cling on to your excuses of painful desperation,

my rusty heart can only slowly become paralyzed

(Are we no longer able to restore everything back to the way it used to be? ...But it was all your wrongdoing, wasn't it? The one who broke our promised was also you. so no, I cannot allow this kind of thing to happen.)

As our feelings intertwine in this cold room,
I want you to answer me right here right now

The devil's voice has pierced into me, and won't go away
Now tear off your mask and show me your truth face

As darkness deepens, our love will never return
My sharply gouging knife-tip becomes soaked
Until we pop and perish like the fireworks,

let's scorch each other and burn away everything,

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