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JUVENILE lyrics : "Who's Tha M.F."

[First Verse]
^!$$% just came home from jail look how he played me
Kicked my door down took my %#@! an tied up my ol' lady

Now I'm just kick back broke poverty is still in my head hurtin
Cuz I know this ^!$$% gotta be killed
My good side tellin me let'em slide cuz he aint worth bout my bad side

Tell me to kill'em cuz he deserve no mercy
Follow my bad side and put a feelin through healin
Any mother$#&@er seekin his business relentless

Thoughts goin through my mind ^!$$% had tried to shine
I would be bout dat iron in this foolishness frame of mind
In the front door actin a donkey wit the .44

Let a funky snatched the money handle business to momo
Tired of havin nothin wearin my brother's clothes
Many times I got drove by ^!$$%s in front of hoes

You know how it be dogg you aint been ballin all your life
You was round dat (*##$ still dirty stealin bikes
Buildin escape mobile all fixin the grilled cheese

In the store breakin snaps crown derby a key

[Chorus: x8]

Whos the mother$#&@er
I'm the mother$#&@er

[Verse Two]
You lil boys runnin wanna do somethin c'mon

I gotta somethin fo' lil (*##$ $$# your potnas and your grandma
Cuz I'm on a killa playa hata type boy you
Dont ask me none of that ??? but I'll take a lil of dat ???

Step and I'll cut your breath short like its bestis
Should've had your mama sayin "lord mama child loved'em"
They say I'm losin weight boy whats wrong wit you

I'm hungry and I'm broke now brake me off wit a bone or two
I know a, ^!$$% should be good for that ha?
But all that ^!$$% had tol' is I aint got it right now

Lil (*##$ you not my round you hoes lay it down
Lemme get dat out your potnas better me than them coppas
Fa sho yo' hoe, tried to crown me on the block

You probably would've got me put dat nine wouldn't stop
A witness scored a bag cuz your boy tried to slam me
Out chip $$# sellin whammies busta wont see his family

I let dat ^!$$% slide cuz I been in his shoes too
Like twenty-four-seven breath smellin like beaucoup

[Chorus: x8]

Whos the mother$#&@er

I'm the mother$#&@er

[Verse Three]

I'm runnin wit dat gal thats after ??? ^!$$%s wit six figgas
To get wit his sign us a ????? wit no repayin
Now I'm in it lay wit'um it violate ten and $#&@'em juv

Set up his to conduct an attitude
Look here
How many of you ^!$$%s ready to start big tymin

Look here
How many of you ^!$$%s wanna be ridin reclinin
Diamonds be shinin sippin on heinkens your mind was in a trans

Probably takin a chance to his baddest police
You kill in the peete and make a million a piece
And we'll got off of the streets in there a house in the east

I know the answer is no so up into my dad
I'm screamin $#&@ yo' clangin the five doe
Look here

When I was young I didnt hardly know %#@!
Bigga ballin would get the medocore ^!$$% noticed
So I approach like I was coached refuse in the gun

Gangs could be over come if you silence your tongue
My name went after choosen one threw out the slump
Sense of envy up in these other mennies brains I ????

[Chorus: x8]

Whos the mother$#&@er
I'm the mother$#&@er

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