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JUVENILE lyrics : "What's Happenin'"

[Juvenile talking]
Whats up everybody
This your boy Juve The Great

Right here with my people sinister
And we about to take y'all back to the old school
That old school gangster %#@!

Check this %#@! out


We the only ones with work in the middle of the drought
then them ^!$$%z round the corner come and see what we about
But we don't know they face so we don't want them by the house

But Skipper started bustin when he saw them pullin out
We did them ^!$$%z dirty for $#&@in up our vibe
We packed up all our %#@! and moved it to the other side

Visited our spot this girl was on my dick
She said I love you Juvenile but you know you the %#@!
I grabbed on my glock its where the fools hang out

I'm only tryin to hustle another change route
But they ain't gettin nothin if I ain't on beam
I'ma leave them ^!$$%z sufferin to find they own things

Workin with plenty for talkin 'bout hoes
I don't give them a penny, they comin out they clothes
Grabbin on my jimmy to see if ^!$$% swole

Have to get it right with this big 'ol totem pole


Yes I'm thuggin Yes I'm clubbin
I ain't trippin on you look (*##$ I'm buzzin
Hoes and ^!$$%z I'm not lovin

$#&@ what you gettin if I ain't got nothin
What's happenin, what's happenin, what's happenin with that
What's happenin, what's happenin, what's happenin with that

What's happenin, what's happenin, what's happenin, what's happenin
What's happenin, what's happenin, what's happenin with that

We pull up in front the club and my rims was lookin nice
The subwoofers bumpin, I need it in my life

We had a couple of fellas was stuntin with they eyes
We jump out of the Lexus and got they mind right
See I ain't gotta rep cause they know I got chains

You can catch me in that ? boy, that money green thang
Get a fish and shrimp po' boy and go sit on St. James
I'm a playa like my ole boy thats where I get game

Goes start passin cause they want me to see 'em
Ain't givin no action if they want some per diem
I keep a soldier rag from the A.M. to the P.M

My heater in my lap lookin great up in the B-M
I know them ^!$$%z watchin cause they know that I'm buck
But they can catch a hot one for $#&@in with a thug

Nothin was poppin so we went in the club
All the hoes started jockin cause they knew who we was



The owner wasn't trippin, he let a ^!$$% in an
The place was jumpin and the hoes was grinnin
Not at us though it was at the other women

Some was butterscotch some yellow like lemon
Had a couple of foul ones chicken and pigeons
Some was kinda fine but them (*##$es didnt listen

Told them meet us outside and hoes got missin
Put it in reverse and went back for more women
Everybody's rollin and you can really see it

Look at how they scopin for somebody to be with
I ain't on %#@! and Ive been G'in since the 80's
Ain't about goin somewhere probably then "Beat It"

You already knowin the way that I'm rockin
if you anin goin then ain't nothin poppin
Now I'm about to leave cause these ^!$$%z eavesdroppin

I got my heater on me now an I don't have to @@#! it


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