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JUVENILE lyrics : "What U Scared 4"

(feat. Lil Wayne)


I'd be a stupid motha $#&@a if I'm stuck in his pot
I aint waitin to see what ^!$$% out here love me or not
I say I hate em from a distance and they scopin' my neck

But these diamonds even cost me M-R and cars on my deck
And I can already vision people sayin I'm wrong
But I rather his momma than my momma singin that song

Besides chickens gon' be chickens and ducks gonna be ducks
And I'm all around guerrilla that love playin them cuts
Im'a attached to the streets, those ^!$$%s in the pens

Started problems wit ol' tymers that did ten
And this (*##$ curly head still been in the case
But he aint man enough to leave a real one in the face

And to you 4-6 and 8 (*##$es wit t.v. Pranks
You jeopardize my living quarters, wanna see me sank
But I got news for everyone of y'all

I know who yah is, plus I won't be satisfied until I go in yah crib


Whatcha getting scared for? Don't get spooked
You was a bad mother $#&@er at first stunt too
Lookin fed up so me and Wheezy we comin through

And who ever sides yappin we gon' punish em too

[Lil Wayne]
Armed and Dangerous, Rich and Famous, Young and Restless
Guns and Stretcha's, Crystal and dubs for breakfast

I just got one suggestion, ask yah Testem, this cuz get hectic
Send one through your son's intestines
Lock, snock lung through testin's

If the portrait, bodies piled up on porches, it won't be gorgeous
Ride with the torch, scorchin, ready to blaze
Step in me ways, kidnap your car for 70 days

And let it be said Holly Grove's the home of a soldier
And if a ^!$$% breathe wrong than it's over
I never love ya, my metal slug ya

If you kept on $#&@in wit the squad
Put the coward's stomach by his thighs, nothin survives
And as far as the !@%!e, 20 bricks month and supply

And as far as the dope, plenty chips come and say "Hi"
Drop 3-2 roll, all black, buttons and shyer
I don't need you hoe

Jack my dick,### in yah eyes


[Lil Wayne]

^!$$% C'mon
You gotta love us
Bumpin inside of humma's

Ride as thugga's, we who be
Think that them coward's busta's
Why we hustlin in they sleep

We be in that powder smuggle by the doubles every week
And if one of them cowards run up try to knock him off his feet
The brotha is Wheezy, love it or leave me

Gats hug it and squeeze it
Crack, bundle it easy
Run it wit these n' murderers, crooks and x-cons

Yah test mine I give it to yah chest 6 times
I believe in me and my family cuz ^!$$%s is broads

That leave you slanted, thugged out wit a conspiracy charge
All #~!!@ aint the #~!!@ like money and drugs
I'm dickin (*##$es that trial and I'm the jury and judge

I make sure I separate it, though I hate when I love
Its just me, Cash Money Millionaires that wackin the plug
Wud-up Lil Wheezy, im laid back up in the cut if yah need me

Its love believe me


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