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JUVENILE lyrics : "Welcome 2 Tha Section"

(feat. B.G., Bulletproof)

[First Verse: B.G.]

Is you bout what I brang ^!$$%?
Biggety-bang ^!$$%?

Get it through your head before I let it rang ^!$$%
Whoa ^!$$%, you ain't a friend, you a foe,
Hoe ^!$$%, I gotta let the pistol go,

Show ^!$$%s, that I ain't the one to blow on,
I told ya ^!$$% with the four four I get it on,
I roll with ^!$$%s, that tote big chrome,

Uptown V.L. off top ^!$$%s bustin' domes,
Paper chasin', racin', to six figures,
The law (*##$in', I'm catchin' cases totin' triggers,

Smokin' ^!$$%s, all theyself Locin' ^!$$%s,
I'm chokin' off the optimal still ropin' ^!$$%s,
Scopin' ^!$$%s, cuz I'm the same broke ^!$$%,

Snort dope but I still maintain sellin' !@%!e,
Spin dressin' holder, blunt smoker,
Snort a lil' doper, A.K. toter,

I'm a spittin' I'm a solja,
Take it off your shoulder,
Respect ^!$$% I'm a solja, take it off your shoulder,

Uptown clown, gettin' so dirty,
Respect my $#&@in' mind, gotta get my nose dirty,
Playa haters wanna kill me,

Juvenile I know you feel me,
I'm too smart to let em' steal me,
Refuse to let 'em steal me,

^!$$% $#&@ ya, I'ma pluck ya,
Struck ya, wasn't beware of the headbusters

[Chorus: Manny Fresh]

Headbusters, wig splitters, one time,

Hot Boys committin' that crime,
Welcome to the section of the Hot Boys,
Look out for the infrared dot boy

[Second Verse: Bullet Proof]

S.K.'s, choppers, that's how we play,
Ride all day, give up your spot for much yay
I hear ya got it, shop close, we hit'cha block,

Unload the glock, seventeen, we leavin' ya hot,
Bodies drop, no more shop, in this spot,
I made it hot bustin' with the glock non-stop

I'm full of that block, a young G about my cheese,
Jackin' for keys, frontin' back to real G's,
Tryin' to make my mill, freeze, slip you get killed,

The %#@!'s real act a donkey behind a dope house deal,
Straight from Uptown, real ^!$$%s we in the Wild,
Yellow tape style, bound to make the nine growl,

Bodies found in the dumpster, by the youngsters,
Shouldn't trust a, Uptown head buster


[Third Verse: Juvenile]

Where the villains be, is where I stand,
I'm comin' with that tillery, up in my hand

Showin' you (*##$es the reason, that I'm the man,
I'm stoppin' you hoes from breathin', you understand?
Comin' with that A.K., full of that pure,

A cold night in February I had that (*##$ like New Year,
You better watch me cuz I be comin',
With the drummin', a chopper, or a street sweeper or somethin',

(*##$ I'ma represent, my .45 pay the rent,
You (*##$ you, you $#&@ with me it's a must you get'cha issue,
I'ma be standin', in the Magnolia with the cannon,

And sure to start damage,
Watchin' these ^!$$%s, cuz they donkeys and fools too,
Might look like they spooked, but don't let them ^!$$%s fool you,

Every breath that I breathe would be beef, so I snorted,
Then proceeded to make my enemy's life short, bout that,
Pistol play, $#&@ what a ^!$$% say,
Two-twenty three's then breathe fire out the hallway,
I found myself up in other ^!$$%s beef,

Know that them T.C. ^!$$%s would die for me,
We probably be,
In an all-black fist full of that (*##$,
And a stroller suburban on the blitz, tryin' to get rich
If in my way, I'm gone funk ya,

Imagine your body deteiorating in a dumpster,
What you gone do? Ain't no runnin' when the Mafia finds ya,
I'ma, UPS your death like the Unibomber,
I can't sleep, I got so much beef in the game,
Every hotel that I change I use an alias name,

Me and B.G. on a hunt, full of that pluck,
Two ^!$$%s with pistols, tryin' to make a come up,


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