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JUVENILE lyrics : "They Lied"

(feat. Big Tymers)


I'm pot, and I can't say %#@! about skillet
If you got a spot movin sellin bricks I can feel it
Done mapped it all out, done made some phone calls

We all got big dreams of seein the project ball
After all, seperation is the downfall
Instead of a chain of command ^!$$%z wanna shot call

That overnight money could be lose-your-life money
Everybody want the crooked instead of the right money
And then I ain't no better either, cause I lead a

life of crime if I gotta fight for mine
Look - somebody ain't leavin with a stripe this time
Y'all don't want a drunk ^!$$% gettin hype with nines

My ex-girl done told me I can't see my children
I hope nobody play with me cause I might kill them
%#@!, mother$#&@ers ain't never satisfied

If you think ^!$$%z don't have problems - they lied


You ^!$$%z think we don't have problems? They lied to ya
You ^!$$%z think we ain't with problems? Look they lied to ya
You ^!$$%z think we all hoes? Look they lied to ya

Y'all think we dirty in our nose? Look they lied to ya
You ^!$$%z think we don't have problems? Look they lied to ya
You ^!$$%z think we ain't with problems? They done lied to ya

You ^!$$%z think we all hoes? They done lied to ya
Y'all think we dirty in our nose? They done lied to ya

Fa sho' wodie
Don't get me $#&@ed up, cause you seen me on a movie

We keep it real hood when we do a $#&@in movie
You saw us on the video, playin with hoes
But you can find me in my ghetto ^!$$%, totin a fo'-fo'

I'm real with this %#@! ^!$$% we dash on five-oh
A big dice game ^!$$% $#&@ them five-oh's
I keep the same game ^!$$% crack a guerilla hoe

I play the same thangs but my prices get cheaper though
I pull up in the Range Rover twenty inch mo-mo's
I been through hard times, that nobody know

Slang dimes crack times you could believe that wo'
Comin through in the Bentley V-12 y'know
Ten a ki is the price and we don't love no hoes

Water whip playin games slangin bad ya-yo
Jam him up and bust his head while he on that dope
I got a bad feelin so I needs to go

Fa sho' - you understand? ^!$$% outta line?
You better bust his mother$#&@in head wodie

[Chorus - 0.75X]


I'm the mother$#&@er killed your boy, and what?
You gon' do somethin bout it? (*##$ ^!$$% then stand up
I'm not responsible for all the people that's gon' (*##$ out

And innocent bystanders, that be up on yo' blocks
Ain't no encyclopedia could teach me the hood
How to not give out no credit and distribute the goods

How police gon' hound me, investigate 'round me
Catch me with a firearm them (*##$es gon' down me
And I'm beefin with the biggest ^!$$% in the city with work

Ain't no tellin who he got workin for him in (?)
If I hurt, then you hurt, you got work? I take yours
I gotta records durin the season like the Lakers

It's not for fun I got a gun you try to run I'm poppin one
I'm to' up from the flo' up, just look at what the block done done
I can't sleep - cause I'm too far in it

I took over this mother$#&@er cause I knew y'all finished


F'real man I ain't tryin to disrespect none of you ^!$$%z out chea

If you do what you do, do it well
KnowhatI'msayin? I ain't playa hatin I'm congratulatin
I'm tryin to teach you ^!$$%z how to get offa these streets
And how to accumulate money, so you can be successful
like the rest of these ^!$$%z that are out chea, that's on TV

These ^!$$%z on MTV, BET, The Box and what have we
All you ^!$$%z could be successful
But I want y'all mother$#&@ers to know we suffer just like y'all
Man we go through it, we been through it
But I'll slang iron if I gotta protect mine, believe that

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