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JUVENILE lyrics : "The Greatest"

My words resemble death you can call me the undertaker
Ima crazy ^!$$%, I'll snatch ya daughter shoot her then I'll rape her

I'm the type a ^!$$% that will burn ya like a hot tourch
Think I'm playin I'll leave ya body on the front pourch

I like to let all the bull%#@! fall dead last
And watch the hate fall to the ground like a bad pass
By the way I aint behind ya I'm bout to lap ya $$#

They say I'm movin slow, but I'm just thinkin fast

(Yeah) I moved on from the murder parts

Now this is where all the money and the fame starts

Money flowin out my pockets like a waterfall

Dunkin on you (*##$es, yall can't even ball
But don't be mad at me, it aint my fault
You ^!$$%s real weak, getcha wobble on

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