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JUVENILE lyrics : "Something Got 2 Shake"

(feat. Big Tymers)


I put my trust in myself and my 9 first
Y'all ^!$$%z second, third, and fourth because I'm first
Can't you tell I never had nothin'

Down to my last 5 dollars, ready to snatch somethin'
If them people catch me I'm goin' to jail fo' sho'
My old lady ain't gon' be sendin' me no mail no mo'

While I be askin' my lawyers, "When they gon' let me go?"
He be tellin' me, "Just be cool until you go to court"
Get out, back to the bricks, it's the same old %#@!

^!$$%z got 2.50 a piece goin' half on a nick
Back and forth to keys, but the Lil Weezy handle purchase
Popeye's for the ballers, the ghetto eatin' Church's

Shop always open 'cause nobody never closes
Some of 'em like that needle, some play with they noses
I ain't nothin' like a candle light dinner, wine and roses

^!$$%z tryin' to run throught they packets to get some mo' %#@!

[Chorus x4: Manny Fresh]

Somethin' gotta shke ^!$$%
I'ma bake a cake ^!$$%
Run with all the reall ^!$$%z

Jack all of the fake ^!$$%z


My hallways full of piss
^!$$% say he gon' break me off, he full of %#@!
That's why I got that chopper in the back full of clips

About to go and hit a whole stash full of bricks
All my ^!$$%z gone, I'm the last in the click
I gotta get my hands on some cash and a whip

I gotta do somethin', look
Cause this ain't gonna last long, gotta get my cash on
Come upon a superfire lick and get my $$# home

Ain't thinkin' about jumpin' out Lex's and Benzes
With the TV's, and the CD's, and 20 inch 'renzes
Look here, my situation ain't the best in the world

I'm a snake like the rest of you ^!$$%z, full of that Guerl
Wodie, c'mon and get your skull cracked, tryin' to erase me
I got iron ready to warbat, and it's all for safety

Mutha$#&@a might come, but he better come correct
Cause I ain't aimin' at nothin' else but you' head and yo' chest

[Chorus: x4]


Put a hit on a (*##$, ain't got no time for no bull%#@!
^!$$% outta line, we kill'd the (*##$
Now, in my city, they burn, baby burn

4 found dead, and they burn, baby burn
I don't have no question, we all must learn
To tote a .45, keep your eyes on the churn

I got that work ^!$$%, all y'all know the rules
I don't play, I'm a mastermind, it's a Big Tymer, fool
Pay up when you been fronted work, that's the rule

Rolls parked, I play this game with no law
Red Beam, hot ones pointed straight to your jaw
A ^!$$% must pay, I'm tryin' to see a better day

Went to Miami bought that Azora anyway
Three time loser totin' tools, ^!$$% that's the rules
Just the chance I gotta take on these streets fool

Flippin' chickens, corner spitin', hardtimes a fool

[Chorus: x6]

[Manny Fresh:]
Somethin' gotta shake ^!$$%

I'ma bake a cake ^!$$%
Run with all the real ^!$$%z
Click-Clack all of the fake ^!$$%z

Lay it down
You know me

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