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JUVENILE lyrics : "Rejuvenation"

Momma, you raised a gee,
and it takes one to make one
Haters don't agree, but they

feel the same when they're back home
This is not an intro, but
this is the beginning

Toos inside my tenants,
hold on, (*##$, I'm in this
I'm just relaxing in my Louie slips,

I'm a grown man, I command
remember what you did %#@!

I'm talking movie %#@!, so
buy you the drow
I'm out the view, me saw the

big I don't judge these hoes
My daughter asks her momma why
they have to stay by the window

And I $#&@ing think whoa, I
better have to smoke indoor
You know that liquid tool,

I found it down the trail
Daddy only trying to keep his
ass from out the jail.

Got some lonely music, bring me flow
The manifest can do to give its door

Rest in peace till the magnolia slim
I got so much, I won't say it
to you, I care what it is.

So I will rap it to you, boys pan a milla
No one's comparing to me, '
cause I'm of a different era.

A lord I want it all I ain't never man
My (*##$es tell me I'm the best loving they ever had.
Generosity was never in my philosophy

I'm a big dog and I'm barking, ain't no apostrophe
With the hollow is kill

Everybody up in the houses
I don't model if you won't run home
and burry the body and %#@!

Find the holes, I bet you believe in, I
fest them with somebody ain't breathing.
The party is over. Somebody

said there was no booze again
So critics said they let them
in with them tools again

I fear no man or whatever
he got in store for me

I'm throwing the money, my
!@$@s watching the door for me
Whatever's popping I'll be right

there in the middle of it
We're juvel nation, everybody
needs a little loving.

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