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JUVENILE lyrics : "Power"

[Hook: juvenile]
I'm from the hood and I represent (power)
J. prince, ^!$$%, that's (power)

V-12 engine, that's (power)
Electric company, I need (power)
Satellite dish, (*##$ (power)

You can't charge up %#@! without (power)
You want to know what make the world spin? (power)
You're running low so ^!$$%, plug in (power)

[Verse 1: juvenile]
Power is muscle, there ain't too many ^!$$%s with it

Money on my mind, I swear I wear it like a fitted
I'm pouring out my heart to be that ^!$$% in the city
Homies in the hood already saying I done did it

Power's what I got, I show it off cause I could
Field goal kicker, mother$#&@ers, I'm good
The drop's got a v-12 in it, it go bbrrrrr

And the (*##$es be like, "uhhhhh"
I'm no quitter
I could get a ^!$$% knocked off sitting on the %#@!ter

I wake up in the morning and I call shots
I ain't trying to buy a car, I want the car lot
I'm in a whole nother tax bracket

Shop addict, a ^!$$% got a saks habit
I talk money boy, take heed
They get the picture when I say cheese


[Verse 2: rick ross]
Power is something that you develop on the block
Pull up on a bad (*##$ sitting in a drop

Top down and a young ^!$$% smelling like money
!@&@e cologne, now come and get a brick from me
Born in the ghetto, now a ^!$$% in a mansion

Looking at my bezel and that mother$#&@er dancing
Power is something that get a ^!$$% questions answered
Now these hoes so romantic

Look at me balling, we courtside at the game
Twenty for the ticket, 'nother hundred for the chain
Count money, money machines they going ccccccrrrrrrr

So that mean a ^!$$% full
^!$$% got to get it in the sun like a dog
Way before the watches, I'm the mother$#&@ing boss

Money come with power and I think we got it mastered
Snatch the bird out the plastic


[Verse 3: juvenile]

Power is respect, you gotta get it in the mud
Check the dna, see if it's really in the blood
Mother$#&@ers talking about me say I'm a thug

They figure since I'm balling up packets from the drugs
^!$$%s in the kitchen mixing dope like a chemist
They pray that I'mma lose it -- that ain't in my religion

Boy, I drive birds down south like a pigeon
You ain't sitting on a hundred million, you ain't living
Smoking on kush, it's smelling like $$#

I run through a quarter million like grass
Scarface, (*##$ -- I'm feeling like brad
I'm a underground king like chad

I'm in the mansion with an opal model marilyn
She told me I was dope -- no !@(%
Power make a ^!$$% show his arrogance

Let's break it down -- bring the barrels in


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