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JUVENILE lyrics : "Pimpinabitch"

[First Verse:]

The Mac Melph Calio walker, the shot caller the big baller

The fiend that'll sell your daughter,
The 6th & Baronne connection,
No disrespect to my section

The ^!$$% who made you who you is,
The ^!$$% who put furniture in your crib
The ^!$$% that'll burn you where you live,

The landcruiser snatcher, the coop-filter King smoker,
The nine toter, the glock @@#!er, the fine chopper,
The kill the cop blocker,

The brown, dirty forty bottle,
The Freret Street hoe driver,
The old Saab, the rusty Faygo getter,

The Swisher Sweet babysitter,
The pluck hood seller, the Good fella,
The twenty-one year old Beretta,

The Ca$h Money contract receiver,
The erase a non-believer,
The chicken wing eaters


We Pimpina(*##$andcheckinthem^!$$%s because we comin' from Uptown

[Second Verse:]

God the lowly spinach givers,
The U.T.P. liver splitters,

The dice game riches,
The card player, the Magnolia hallwayer,
The herb smoke follower, the St. Ide's swallower,

The Fa Sho hollerer,
The reebok wearer, the Camoflauge era,
The White boy terror, the duckin' undercovers,

The project mutha$#&@as,
The Tulane & Broad escapers,
The 1997 paper chasers,

The teenage cellular phoner
The Uptown big boner,
The sip on Corona,

The Bayou classic, hoe attraction,
Bout that action, #~!!@ satisfaction,
Situation starter, War to starter,

The spin the dime to chip up the plastic glock ripper
The fire screen ripper,
The B.G. CD listener,

The Big Boy headache giver

[Chorus x3]

[Third Verse:]

The penitenairy time doers,
The three time losers,
The !@(% users,

The sixth and Willis twillers,
The L.D. and T.C. ^!$$%,
The Clara Street killers,

The Calliope cut-throaters,
The Melphanine duct tapers,
The St. Thomas duct tapers,

The Valence Street kidnappers,
The Holly Grove (*##$ smackers
The Pigeontown chopper toters,

The Gert-Town fire smokers,
The crooked copper,
The politician %#@! popper,

The !@$)got preachers,
The hypocrite teachers,
The gumbo cooker,

The Bourbon Street hookers,
The aluminum can pickers
The drug dealer $$# kissers,

The pork chop eaters, the CYC dick beaters
The bet'cha I could beat'chas,
The Holy Karan readers,
CMB ballers, the record business shot-callers

[Chorus x6]

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