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JUVENILE lyrics : "Never Had Shit"

(feat. Baby, B.G., Turk)

[Juvenile] That's right, Cash Money done

took over this %#@!, mother$#&@ers.
[Baby] (We got it, Juvy, and you (??) )
Y'all don't know how ta do it. I'ma

show ya how to live (??). [Baby] (#1 stunnas.)
Peep this %#@! out, lil' one:
[Baby] (This is how the $#&@ we do it, boy)

My pockets flooded with money like it been rainin' for months

Put Jackie Chan outta business, tha way that I live stunt
Man, I'll spend fifty G's on just a chair and a sofa
Got tired of all that drivin', so I got me a chauffeur

Gettin' head watchin' TV on tha block of Magnolia
Give tha kids twenty dollars when I open my door
My grill like marble floors, was workin' with four

After we score, I laid there and got me six more
Now my body needs ta be treated, I'm 'bout to get weak
Full of that %#@!, gon' kill that man, he got me hungry and greedy

They call my watch tha North Pole cuz it's flooded with ice
It's a...(*##$ in tha day, a mother$#&@er at night
If somebody get my jewelry they'll be set for life

Buy a house before tha wedding, and a ring for tha wife
Money ain't %#@! ta me because I'm young and I'm blessed
I don't..carry no cash, it's credit cards or checks

[Hook x4: Juvenile]
Actin' like a ^!$$% that ain't never had %#@!

Lookin' through my bend, sayin', "There's some $$#es."


^!$$%, I stretched tha Rover, stopped playin' with these hoes
Got a hundred on my left, fifty on tha wrist, ho

$#&@, I be shinin' from tha clothes, cars, jewelry
Got seven-year-old children wan' grow up to be like me

^!$$%s pullin' up, drivin' off tha showroom floor
Got a mouth full of gold so I can boot these hoes

Somebody asked me tha time, I just had ta look back
Showed them tha baguettes on my watch and say how I could see that

Got trillion cut earrings so I can blind these hoes
I'm tha number-one stunna $#&@in' rap-hoes (rap-hoes)

Stun'n is a way of livin', ya $#&@in' with my clique
Try ta pay tha dealership that sell tha %#@! that don't exist

I got all my hoes ridin' Lexus coupe, two-door
Put tha Cadillac up, it was movin' too slow

We Cash Money stunnas - money long as tha street
You wan' verify our cash, go ask First NBC, ^!$$%

[Hook x4: Juvenile]


Look, look
(*##$es...say I stunt too much
It's o...kay cuz I can back it up

Know you gon'...let me...do what I do
Rock my Rolie, ride drop-tops, too
'Til tha day I die, I'm gon' shine

Drive top-of-tha-line
Pop bottles of wine
Break bread with my clique of ^!$$%s...^!$$%s

Toss hoes, take naked pictures...pictures
Rap, hustle, get paid, ^!$$%...^!$$%
Try not to get a big head, ^!$$%...^!$$%

Look, you like my watch, ha
You like my ring, ha
You like tha way it look and how it *bling*bling*, ha

I got so many karats, I could feed ten rabbits
Got so much ice, cool me down when I wear it
Every ^!$$% in my clique...bubble and glide
Every ^!$$% in my clique sittin' low and high

[Hook x4: Juvenile]

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