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JUVENILE lyrics : "Let's Roll (Intro)"

(feat. Big Tymers, Mickey)

[Mannie Fresh]

Look a here, look a here, look a here
New Mannie, Louisiana up in here ya heard me
With the Project English album,

And I'm gonna let young Mickey start this thing off, ya heard me
The New Orleans %#@!, the new stunna, the new shiner, the new reppa
Walk over here and get cha' shine on

Uh oh, Chicago's with those N.O. ^!$$%s

And we stock indo ^!$$%
Ya see the amount of blood in my kinfolk ^!$$%s
And I don't think y'all really understand what y'all in fo' ^!$$%

When a ^!$$% got tens he got two blocks on em'
Catch ya mob street walkin' put them foo fights on em'
MC rodie around, we say fam or pharaoh

Both our families mo' gangsta than the damn Sopranos
They spit choppers and k's, we spray itchies
But we both quick to spray fifty, stay with me

They rock tees and Rees, we rock furs and Nikes
But we both well known for flippin' birds and ice
They stay stunnin a hundred, we say flickin'

They say that %#@! is fire, we say sendin' fendin'
Get little, that mean we about to leave
The cake is baked whodi, that mean y'all about to bleed

[Mannie Fresh]
Uh oh, %#@! got damn, you know who I am

I'm as gangsta as Capone in this nasty $$# fam
Where the $#&@ I'm from and where I represent
Platinum plaques, Bentleys, and presidents

Now wait a minute man, I done bought a choo-choo train
Don't chu' have a helicopter, yeah and a plane
You got a two-way pager, well I gotta phone

You gotta a million dollars, well I got I don't know
They say a ^!$$% like me bling too much
Why, cause this watch, this chain, this ring too much

Make them dollars, pop them bottles
We zoned up in Caprices and Impalas (Errrr!)
Disregard that law, pop that car

Step up in the club and buy out the whole bar
Pay attention lil' daddy to the song I'm sangin'
I'ma put cha' on some other %#@! besides that blang

Daddy truck sharp, mama house bangin'
Brian Williams, just keep on brangin'
Check after check every time ya move ya neck

^!$$% if i want it dog I'll buy respect


There you have it ^!$$%, Project English ^!$$% (Uh, uh, uh)
Hood rats and bling blingin' ^!$$% (Uh, uh, uh)
Know what I'm sayin' let's get this money ^!$$% (It go choo-choo)

Hey steppa, hey Mike, stick, pass that bottle mother$#&@er
We gon' drank till we ain't got no mo' dollars mother$#&@er
Let's go get this money Fresh

Project English and whatever it come with next
Cash Money, Hot Boyz let's ride ^!$$%
Go to the next tune or something $#&@er

[Mannie Fresh]
The only plaques I have, are platinum plaques, ya heard

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