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JUVENILE lyrics : "Juve "The Great""

[Verse 1: Juvenile]
Uh, Uh, Uh I took my first break in seventy-five
I tell the story like yesterday when (??) was alive

didn't do %#@! with my brothers without makin e'm mad
couldn't get along with nobody so I just ran with my Dad
he took me right there where the killas be

across court from Mileton between Clarion and Wilistry
we shot ball on crates tryna get paid by all means
started snatchin purses by Wall Greens

seen Titey get hit up in the melt when I was young
paramedics couldn't even find his tongue
thats when I started totin' my heat to call a G

my family was deep but wasn't goin in that water with me
right after Mr. Martin's class (??) and me
straight to Barret think I was worried bout the trulency? please

got paid for them old timers puttin in work
like Mr. Frank he sold fruit, watermelons, and herbs

Even though the times was hard
I didn't fear no man but God

you lookin at New Orleans crime rate
right up in the place, soulja's beware this is Juve the great
Juve the great

Juve the great
Juve the great
this is Juve the great

Juve the great
Juve the great
Juve the great

this is Juve the great

[Verse 2: Juvenile]

Mama thought her son was really doin it tight
when I was the one out here not doin it right
until she found my stash she couldn't believe all the weed she found

%#@! it must've been a half a pound
I was thirteen then back when Yoga was caddillac'n it
my campaign was let a lil ^!$$% get a crack at it

far from a gangsta but was learnin alot
ain't just be the one that earnin the pot
after the turn of the clock I started bankin on the low with the dope

got slugged up so hoes'll notice me mo'
tee's, reeboks, and girbauds I had a few (??) to write
regular hood %#@! the average ^!$$%z go through in life

wanted to be a lil gorilla, and more day killas
?? and we ball I know they'll flip ya
I stayed away from them cats who didn't communicate well

cause them was them ^!$$%z that would've had me in jail


[Verse 3: Juvenile]
At fifteen I carried alot of wieght on my back

me and my brother infact, I kept my money intact
I mad my real power moves soon as Juv' got one
headed straight to the irish counter ^!$$% who got guns?

%#@! my people Bobby and surviva got hit too
and I heard my name was poppin up in some %#@! too
wasn't no cool cans off googlin no more

it was either cry like a (*##$ or go sell it and score
my first case wanted my respect in the worst way
couldn't tell me %#@! when I was hungry and thirs-ty

have a ^!$$% way out his religion ya heard me
I guess it's punishment to who and never was worthy
every since I leanred about guns and !@%!e

I made a vow to myself that I would never go broke
do what I gotta do to eat
I probably can't play no sports but I can work these streets


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